Text repeater tool

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About text repeater

This browser-based tool allows you to easily repeat or multiply any text or string any number of times. Text repeater is a free online utility that lets you generate and copy a piece of word/text multiple times. It allows you to select the number of times and number of rows you want to repeat the text and also gives you the freedom to add any separator, prefix or postfix.

To know how to use the feature, follow the instructions from “How to use” section.

Where to use?

A text repeater tool can be very useful for cross-browser testing. If you need to stress test a web form or check if the form correctly handles large amounts of data, then by using our utility, you can quickly generate super long text strings. You can enter any simple word, such as “test” in the input form and repeat it thousands of times and get a string that is megabytes long.

You can also use this utility to create test cases for other apps that deal with a lot of data. This tool is also known as text multiplier as it multiplies the amount of given words.

Another case is repeating the same character or letter a specific number of times. For example, if you need 1KB of the letter “c”, you can enter it in the input form, set the counter to 1024, and you will get 1KB of data in the result.

How to use
  1. Type or paste the text you would like to repeat.
  2. Customize your repeat settings.
  3. Click "Repeat" button.
  4. Copy to clipboard and use wherever you need.