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About text counter tool

You can use this free online tool for counting characters, letters, words, lines, sentences and paragraphs in your text. To use the feature, follow the steps from “How to use” block.

What this online tool can do?

  • counts letters or characters in text strings;
  • counts words in text;
  • counts lines and removes empty lines;
  • removes double spaces and tabs in text;
  • removes HTML-tags from text;
  • counts sentences;
  • counts paragraphs.

Try this tool using the following example

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. A aliquam aliquid architecto asperiores assumenda blanditiis consequuntur corporis debitis deleniti dicta distinctio earum eius, error et excepturi hic ipsum iste labore magni minima molestiae nobis, numquam omnis perferendis perspiciatis provident quas quasi reiciendis repellat repellendus sed sint sit soluta vero voluptatem voluptates voluptatum.

How to use
  1. Paste or input data in the text area field.
  2. Your text will automatically start counting.
  3. Customize the parameters of your text using buttons and checkbox items (ignore spaces, remove tags, tabs or empty lines).
  4. Click "Reset text" button to return the original text.
  5. Clear the area, if you want to paste another text.