Add line numbers to text

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About this tool

Use this online tool to add sequential line numbers to either the front or end of each line in the textarea. This can be useful for programming, data analysis, text processing, language analysis, and other applications where thousands of lines are involved.

For example

Input data:

First string
Second string
Third string

Output data:

Using seprator style “.” and position “start” you get:

1.First string
2.Second string
3.Third string

Using seprator style “!” and position “end” you get:

First string!1
Second string!2
Third string!3

Using seprator style “. “, position “start”, padding length “2”, and checked “zero paddding” option you get:

01. First string
02. Second string
03. Third string

How to use
  1. Insert text, which you would like to separate into list.
  2. Choose the separator style.
  3. Choose padding length.
  4. Choose where you want to add number.
  5. Click "Add numbers" button.